Are You Ready to Stop Asking…”How Will I Pay For That?”…And Start Asking…”How Can I Grow My Business?”

Took A Lot Longer Than I Expected…

People used to always ask me about the perks of being a business owner.

For some reason, whenever they heard the term business owner, they instantly thought of 4-Hour workweeks and a 6-figure bank account that allows you to live the dream life…

Cash Flow Solution

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And I can’t blame them, I dreamt of this too…Why else would you work 60-hour weeks for little pay?

I knew I’d reach this point eventually, just wasn’t sure when.

I had great ideas that would get me there, but not enough time to actually do anything with them.

I felt like I spent more time worrying about my business, than actually running it.

Asking myself questions like…

“How will I make payroll this week?”

“Should I take this job? I don’t even think I could pay for materials until Rick pays me”

Instead of the questions like….

“What do I need to do to get over this hump?”

“When will I finally be established and be able to take a break?”

I always talked about how I wanted to get over this hump, and my friends would always have the best advice….

“Why don’t you get a bank loan?”

And yes, they made it sound that easy….

I wanted to ask if they truly understood what they were saying, but I knew they weren’t familiar with the business world, so I just laughed it off instead.

Their advice had some logic, but I don’t think they quite understood how big of difference there was between business loans and personal loans.

They thought it was just another Saturday morning, strolling into the bank, and asking for a loan….

Red Door Capital Group Helps You

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Have I got a loan that way in the past? “Yeah, but____”

  • “Yeah, but my business wasn’t exactly printing money…..”
  • “Yeah, but only for a personal loan, business loans are a whole new world….”
  • “Yeah, but I….. Guess I don’t even know where to start and what type of loan I should look for…..”

I mean, my business was fairly new, all of my cash was tied up in the business, and I didn’t have a lot of collateral they could use….

There was just no way a bank would give me money, and I didn’t feel like going through all the trouble to confirm this.

Then It Hit Me…..

But then, one day, I discovered how harmful this thinking was….

Tax season rolled around, and for the first time, I had to take my “financial statements” to the CPA.

And I laugh when I say “financial statements”, it was really just a shoebox full of information I put into a computer software the week before.

I felt bad for the guy, but at the same time, I knew he didn’t mind. By taking the moment to clean them up now, he’d cement a new client for years to come….

And that’s when it hit me.

If I can make something like business tax a laughing matter, why would I get scared over a business loan?

They’re in the same boat, really.

I’ve done my personal tax return on TurboTax every year, and I think I got through them okay – but I knew this probably wasn’t a good idea for business tax.

And the same concept applied to loans.

I’ve dealt with many types of personal loans, and I’ve always got through them okay – but I knew I couldn’t use the same approach for business loans.

So, just like I tackled my tax return, I called up the CPA. But this time, I asked if he could help me with bank financing.

He started rambling off a bunch of accounting jargon and financial projections, but then he finally made his point – he could help with a lot of areas, but it sounded like I needed a Loan Consultant.

Yes, Loan Consultants are actually a real thing….. And something I am very grateful for.

Life On the Other Side of the “Hump”….

Now, instead of worrying about turning down jobs because I can’t pay for materials, I worry about turning down jobs because our current workload is full.

And instead of worrying about how long I can be on vacation, I worry about how quick I can turn my cell phone off.

Business wasn’t easy in the beginning stages, but I think I made it a lot harder by trying to do everything.

I’d read all of the advice books telling me to outsource tasks and the benefits of doing so, but it never really sunk in.

I used to think it was because I thought I was being lazy, but then I realized it was something else….

I just didn’t have any idea of what I should outsource.

It all makes sense once you hear it, but if you’ve never done something before, it’s hard to think about every angle.

And that’s why I want to introduce an important angle to you….

Introducing Cash Flow Solutions: The Funding Solution that allows you to stop asking… “How Will I Pay For That?”….. and start asking…. “How Will I Grow My Business?”

So, how does this help you?

With this solution you receive :

  • A dedicated professional that takes the time to understand your needs, putting you and your business in the position to grow…
  • A dedicated professional that knows how to negotiate with banks, getting you in a loan structure that benefits you the most….
  • A dedicated professional that understands the underwriting process and can lower a lot of the risks, even if you’ve been denied credit in the past….
  • A dedicated professional who knows if you should take on debt or not, knowledge that might save you down the road…..

And the best part?


Reserve Time to Learn More

Okay, I take that back – it is nice to get all of this with little effort, but I’m still not sure if that’s even the best part.

I think the best part is that they complete the entire process WITHOUT ANY OBLIGATION OR RISK TO YOU.

You’ll hear many professionals require some sort of down payment or retainer before they’ll start, but this solution doesn’t work that way.

They don’t charge a dime until you receive a solution that helps your business.

A solution that will have you saying things like:

“My experience working with Red Door Capital Group was very positive. They were always readily available when any questions came up. They not only helped me work through the process of applying and ultimately attaining working capital for my business but also helped with implementing forward-looking strategies as well. I look forward to working with them again in the future.”

– Jeff W. ICSYES

I must say, we had a hard time getting funded ; it’s not easy for small business to get financial help these days, but Red Door Capital managed to get us a nice line of credit in no time! Thank you for helping us out, we will definitely come back whenever we need any other project funded.”

– Joanna O. Quantum Enterprises

No (upfront) risk, high reward, and little effort – all just one click away…..


P.S. Even if you don’t need the funds today, please don’t wait. A Cash Flow Solution is a safety net…. and just like every other safety net…. it works best when they’re in place before you need them…..not after.

See How This Solution Can Help You

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