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Our product list is long and it’d take a while to go through all of them, so we decided to take a different route.

Instead, we decided to condense them into 6 groups (or solutions) – because honestly, that’s all we care about.

Products are nice, but the goal is helping you build your future – something Solutions Do, Not Products.

Each category is mentioned in more detail below, but a quick overview of this list includes:

Cash Flow Solutions


Sales are great and profits are nice — but neither of these are possible without the cash to survive.

Whether you’re waiting for customers to pay, or buying materials before a job starts, a cash crunch can happen to any business.

Our Cash Flow Solutions will eliminate these issues and let you focus on growing your business, not figuring out how you’ll make payroll or buy materials.

How We’ve Helped

Every situation is different, and we can’t benefit you with “one-size-fits-all” products. That’s why we take our time and diligence to create a plan designed for you.

With that said, here are a few ways our Cash Flow Solution has helped others:

  • Accounts Receivable Financing- You get cash when the work is completed, not when your customer feels like paying. Enjoy extra cash flow and less stress with cash right away…
  • Purchase Order Financing- Buy materials upfront without hurting your cash flow, allowing you to take on bigger jobs with higher profits…
  • Line of Credit – Have access to cash whenever you need it, allowing you to focus on the big picture…. not how you’ll make payroll…

And that’s just the start.

If you think a Cash Flow Solution might help you, then please visit our Cash Flow Solutions page for more detail.


Cash Management & Merchant Services


Our Cash Management and Merchant Services solution comes with a variety of products, all designed to grow your business the non-debt way. From those who need help with collecting invoices, to those looking for someone to do your payroll — our Cash Management and Merchant Services Solution is here to help you.

How We’ve Helped

Every business is different, and every business is going to need different products.

Here is a list of our common solutions that have helped others:

  • Accounts Receivable Management- Collect payments faster, and use your extra cash to grow…. 
  • Credit and Debit Card Payments- Eliminate the need for some invoices, and collect the payments right away with Credit and Debt Card processing…. giving you extra time and cash for the important parts of life…
  • Payroll- Payroll is a necessary evil that every business must complete. Let professionals take care of the quarterly returns and time-consuming paychecks while you focus on growing your business

And that’s just the start. If you think a Customized Solution can help you, then please visit our Cash Management and Merchant Services page for more detail.


Specialty Financing


Getting a business loan isn’t easy for anybody, but if you’re in a unique industry….. it doesn’t get any easier. Whether you’re a business that needs a non-traditional loan, or a business that’s paying high-interest rates because of your industry — then a Specialty Financing Solution is designed for you.

How We’ve Helped

As the name implies, Speciality Financing isn’t your normal type of financing….but it might be exactly what your business needs. 

Each solution can be customized to help you, but some common examples include:

  • Floor Plan Financing –  It’s a flexible line of credit that uses non-traditional inventory (like cars) as collateral, and allows you to purchase the expensive inventory you need…. all without worrying about big payments before it’s sold…
  • Franchise Financing- When you’re backed by a Franchise Brand, you have the leverage and power to negotiate a better loan structure (and rate) for your business…. Let our professionals show you how.
  • Healthcare financing- With Non-Profit Financials and Complicated Reimbursements, you need a Partner who understands your unique business. Let us deal with the bankers while you focus on growing your operations with the additional cash…

And that’s just the beginning of this non-traditional field. If you think a Specialty Financing solution might help your business, then please check out the Specialty Financing Page for more detail.


Growth & Expansion


Your business is doing well, but you’re ready to grow. The demand is there, but the cash isn’t.

Whether you’re a startup company looking to expand your idea, or an existing company looking to take on new business, the Growth and Expansion Solution will help you.

How We’ve Helped

Every business is unique, and so is your growth strategy. Whether you need a line of credit for additional expenses, or a loan to buy that new office building, we have a solution for you…

We’ve helped many companies in many ways, but a few common examples include:

  • Startup Financing- You’ve been through all of the research and you have a current book of customers. You don’t mind being a solopreneur, or a small partnership — but you could grow and make more money. Get the funds you need to turn your one-man shop into a stand-alone business…
  • Term Loans- These are similar to your car loan, just on a much bigger scale. Whether you need a normal loan to purchase equipment, or a customized loan that defers payments while you update the office, we have the perfect solution for you… 
  • SBA Loans- You’ve probably heard of SBA before, it’s plastered on every small business material you get. Most Small Business owners assume they need this type of loan, and lock themselves into high rates and more paperwork along the way. Let our team of professionals see if this is the right choice for you…
  • Equipment Financing- Whether you need to buy equipment for new contracts, or replace the old machine that continues to nickel and dime you, equipment purchases are needed for your business. Don’t let traditional lenders hold you back with their tunnel vision, let our professionals show what these purchases can do for you…

Whether you’re a startup company with a good idea and a few customers, or an existing company that wants to take it to the next level, please visit our Growth and Expansion page to see how we can help you…


Credit & Debt Services


From losing your job, to the additional expenses you weren’t planning for, life’s challenges can damage your credit report. 

If an old life challenge continues to stop you from buying your dream home, or applying for the perfect job — then our Credit and Debt Services Solution is designed for you.

How We’ve Helped

Everybody’s situation is going to be different, but for the most part, every situation can be helped with the two solutions below.


  • Credit Repair and Negotiation-  This solution can be used for personal or business credit, and it’s ideal for anyone with harmful information on their credit report. We’ll negotiate a lower bill with the creditors , and we’ll make sure this harmful information is removed ASAP. The quicker this issue is resolved, the sooner you can start living your life again…
  • Debt Collection and Negotiation- On the other side of things, there might be times where your business needs help collecting past due debt. You’re busy with other projects, and you don’t want to spend time on collection. Let our team of professionals take care of these collections, while you focus on what to do with the unexpected cash….

Are past due payments affecting your life and limiting your personal growth? If so, please go to our Credit and Debt Services page for more detail.


Real Estate


Building a real estate portfolio is attractive for many reasons. With little work, stable growth, and passive income topping the list — it’s no surprise why this is a popular choice for all kinds of investors.

How We’ve Helped

Whether you’re a new investor that wants to flip your first house, or an experienced investor that wants to refinance an old loan – we have a solution for you.

Here are a few ways that we’ve helped other Real Estate Investors, just like you:

  • Builder’s Line of Credit- Flexible funding for residential homebuilders. It’s a line of credit that gives you money each time you hit a project milestone, allowing you to purchase materials and continue on to the next stage…
  • Investor Financing- Building real estate is expensive, forcing you to buy existing properties. From hotels to apartment complexes, our investor financing solution will get the funds you need for this big purchase, putting large rent checks in your bank account faster than you thought….
  • Developer Financing- You have big dreams, and you’re going to reach these dreams by building Commercial Properties. We’ll get the customized financing you need to follow your dream, all you need to do is move forward with them…
  • Rental Home Financing- Rental demand is high in your area, and you’d like to take advantage of this. Whether it’s a property you’re looking to flip, or a group of homes you’re looking to buy, our solution will help start your real estate portfolio and enjoy the passive income lifestyle… 

If you’re a new investor looking to purchase a new home, or if you’re an experienced professional looking to start your next project, then our Real Estate page has more information for you.


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