Less hours, no work, and more money – who doesn’t dream about being their own boss?

I think everybody does, but very few are able to move towards this dream…

And that’s how the Red Door Capital Group started.

I started this company because of my love for small business. I wanted to help every entrepreneur reach their dream, and I knew money was the biggest hurdle for a lot of them.

We didn’t have a lot of products at first, but we knew how to handle any situation with our solutions.

A practice that was well-received and we took off, putting on additional staff and product options along the way.

Something I’d love to discuss more…

But first, let’s see if this is for you.

Life of an Entrepreneur

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from working with entrepreneurs, they all carry the same core principles. Of course these will differ between every entrepreneur, but a true entrepreneur will carry these traits:

  • You love making the rules. This doesn’t mean you’re bossy or a rebel, it just means that you like to find better ways. You can already think of enough things that your employer could improve. Maybe it doesn’t make sense to store the staplers 10 floors below, maybe you need printers that were made within the last 15 years, but either way the inefficiency is killing you. Why don’t they just ask the employees? You could make it a lot better in little time.
  • You don’t like a restricted income. Some people love knowing what they’re going to take home and what they have to live off of, but not the entrepreneur. No, you want more. You don’t like limits, and you don’t want to be limited by these “salary caps”. Don’t confuse this with greed, because it’s not. It’s making more money to be used in better places.
  • FREEDOM!!! Everybody has their obsession, but mine’s always been freedom. Freedom to work when I want, how I want, and with who I want to. I don’t have to turn down vacations because my boss won’t give me the time off and I don’t have to miss family reunions because my employer doesn’t recognize a holiday. This freedom is what gives me that “truly rich” feeling. A feeling that doesn’t come from money, but instead – comes from fulfillment. The fulfillment that I’ve been able to create a workday with less limits.

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Advantages and Disadvantages

Alright, so you’ve made it past the first section – it’s safe to say you’re intrigued. You’ve always had this desire, but you’ve always had those doubts.

The same doubts you have right now, but whether you know it or not – you’re slowing overcoming these doubts….with…each….word…you…read

So the question isn’t really if you have doubts, it’s why you have these doubts.

A question that I’ve spent many years figuring out myself.

So to start, it’s normal. You’re certainly not alone, – you’re probably the majority.

The majority that’s always wanted to pursue this dream, but they “can’t”. And this isn’t from external forces either, it’s staying inside your own head.

Listening to the years of wrong information and beliefs that life has thrown at you – beliefs that we’re going to start discussing:

5 Common Myths that Are Preventing You From Becoming an Entrepreneur

Myth #1 – “I’m Not Rich, Starting a Business Is For Rich People”

This myth hits me in multiple ways.

The first, I feel like I’m failing to get my message out…..BECAUSE THIS IS WHAT WE DO

We help people find the financial solutions that’ll let them build their future, and nobody should believe this myth.

There’s a whole array of financial solutions available today, and trust me – we’ll be able to find something…

Yes, even if you have bad credit.

And that should be enough, but then it also hits me again…simply because this myth is wrong – or well, I’d say outdated.

This myth might of had some truth 30 years ago, but not today…….

Okay, never mind – this wasn’t even true 30 years ago.

Ever heard of Oprah Winfrey? Her story debunks this myth, without question.

Or Mark Cuban…he was far from rich when he started out.

So now that I think about it, no – this myth was never true. And today’s technology has made it even easier.

Myth #2 – “I Don’t Know Where to Start”

Let me know when your schedule is open for a few minutes, that’s all you need to do.

Or if you prefer, you can send me a quick message through our “contact us” section as well. I’ll respond in whatever way works best for you. I understand how hard it can be to take calls during the workday.

But I also understand why you’d want to have some research before that, and that’s good. It’s important to start, but strategy is always needed too.

My only advice here is just to start researching. Spend a week looking up business ideas (Google search is all you need) and write down every idea. Apps like Evernote make this convenient between all of your devices.

Then after a week of doing this, start making a top 5 ideas list. Once you’re done with the top 5, spend more time looking into them.

After this stage, you’re ready to select your idea and begin learning more about it.

This is a good enough start for any business owner, and if you’d like help with the last stage – just let me know.

Or, you can check out this article (just make sure you do after reading this article, it’ll help you a lot more).

Myth #3 – “I’m Not Smart Enough to Start a Business”

Can you define “smart” for me?

That seems to be the biggest problem with this myth, everybody has a different meaning.

Some go by GPA, some go by life’s success. I’ve always liked results, so I only take advice from people who have done this before me.

Not someone who learned about it in school.

But at the same time, you can be someone who’s been through school and figured out how to produce results – it all just depends.

Even though I do have to admit, it seems like those who aren’t considered “smart” at first usually end up with that title after blazing their own path…..(Einstein, for one example).

At the end of the day, everybody is good at something. You can’t tell me there’s not one thing you excel at. It doesn’t have to be special, it could just be Social Media.

And you could use those skills to become a Social Media Manager for another company. Getting paid as a Freelancer through popular sites like Upwork.com

Then you might have enough money to scale into a full-blown business, who knows?

Not me, but I will tell you one thing – I don’t think anyone can believe this myth. I’ve seen all sorts of people overcome struggles when they’re able to do what they love.

Seems like they have a lot more hustle, that usually outlasts “smart”.

Myth #4 – “I can’t compete with the Big Companies”

I get it, I used to be the same way.

It’s easy to let the larger companies deter you from entering an industry. They control most of the market share, and you wouldn’t survive in their industry.

And this means one of two things: 1. You might be overthinking it, find all the negatives without the pros – happens to everybody. Or 2. You’re in the wrong industry.

There’s plenty of opportunities for any business owner. I agree that it’d be hard to start a retail store that competes with Wal-Mart, so that’d put you in category 2 – wrong industry.

But then there’s other industries. They can be anything, but for me – it’s always been lawn mowing companies. Especially in the Midwest.

It seems like new lawn mowing companies are created everyday, but some companies still have to turn down jobs before they’re too full.

Not saying this is the secret way out, but it’s a great reference to start.

And before we move on, I had to leave one quote that sums it all up.

 “Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes… the ones who see things differently — they’re not fond of rules… You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, but the only thing you can’t do is ignore them because they change things… they push the human race forward, and while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius, because the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do”- Steve Jobs

Myth #5 – “I don’t know what my business would be”

There’s a few ways to explain this feeling, but I usually refer to it as “analysis paralysis”.

You get to thinking about something so much that it puts you in a standstill and goes nowhere.

That’s a difficult one to overcome, but it’s possible. Always think about it, but not too much.

This is one of the times where I can say a bad decision is better than no decision, go ahead and fail forward. That’s the fastest way to find your dream business.

BUT, there is a few main details to think about.

Details like:

  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • What You Enjoy

These details can usually get you on the right path, but for a good example – this is what our Partner program does.

It partners up with people that are good at making sales, but also enjoy helping business owners.

You could get this experience in many ways, but ideally – it seems like 6 months (or more) of experience in selling Merchant Cash Advances (MCAs) gives you the best base.

We can teach you about other products from there, giving you 10x more opportunity.

Our most successful partners always create a team. A team of sales personnel that are just as hungry and grateful for the training. Making sales and putting a portion of it back into your business.

If this is something that might interest you, please check out our partner page.

If not, please use this same logic – but apply them to your strengths. There’s all sorts of roles and programs like this available today, they’re just not well-known.

You Can Become an Entrepreneur

It’s not easy, but it’s possible. And there’s a chance that you already know that.

Maybe you’ve already tipped your toes in business (i.e. the lemonade stand), or maybe you’ve read enough about it to feel like you have – but either way, you know a lot more than you think.

Don’t let the obstacles stop you from looking into your dream. You don’t have to quit your job right away and you don’t need $10,000 to start it.

The opportunities are endless, and if you, or anyone you know, has experience generating leads that consist of Small Business Owners looking for financial help to build their future – then please, take a quick look at our partner page and see if this might be for you.

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Questions or comments? Let us know below!